There are all types of documents the translations of which are certified since they require seals and signatures affixed by a sworn translator. Such translations are recorded in a relevant register, the so-called repertory. Translations made by a sworn translator are recognised as effective under law and are official documents accepted by authorities, offices, and any person who requires such documents. Experience of translators working with Wersja Translation Agency shall result in a high quality translation service and compliance with any standards that institutions ordering sworn translations require.

Sworn translation services offered by Wersja Translation Agency are for the same price as non-sworn translations with the only difference, however, that the settlement page in case of a sworn translation contains 1125 characters with spaces and each newly started page is counted as one page (pursuant to the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice dated 24 January 2005 on Remuneration for Sworn Translation Service - Journal of Laws of 26 January 2005)

Sworn translation order form  

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