We offer you both standard interpretation services (e.g. at conferences), and sworn interpretations (e.g. at the Registrar of Vital Statistics).

Types of interpretation service:

- consecutive (following), i.e. the interpreter stars interpreting after the speaker has finished. Usually, the interpreter stands next to the speaker during consecutive interpreting, listens to him/her, and makes notes. When the speaker has ended the speech or makes a break during the speech, the interpreter renders the speech in the target language in full as if he/she made it.
- simultaneous (extempore) the interpreter does not appear next to the speaker, he receives information through headphones in the source language and, at the same time, speaks to the microphone, translating the message into the target language, thus participants, for example, of a conference hear the translation in their headphones.
Interpreters working with Wersja Translation Agency are experts in their fields; they have impeccable looks and elegant manners.
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