We invite you to co-operate with Wersja Translation Agency. Our mission is to provide reliable and professional translations within the shortest possible time. Our experienced team has for years been co-operating for with selected translators/interpreters, who are professionals in their respective fields. This allows us to offer top level translation and interpretation services.

Wersja Translation Agency offers:

written translations (of all kinds of text that do not need to be certified by a sworn translator);
sworn translations (any kinds of letters the translation of which must be certified with seals and hand of the sworn translator, entered into a relevant register, the so-called repertory. Translations done by a sworn translator are recognised as effective under law and are official documents accepted by authorities, offices, and any person who requires such documents);
interpretation service (standard - e.g. during conferences; sworn – e.g. at the Registrar of Vital Statistics).

Orders for Wersja Translation Agency may be delivered by: electronic mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., couriers ervice, traditional mail, by fax (+48 22) 533 50 08, or personally.

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